Damkar Bojonegoro Padamkan Kebakaran Rumah Semi Permanen

BojonegoroDetakpos – Fire Service Officers Bojonegoro, East Java, succeeded in extinguishing a semi-permanent house fire in front of the Train Station (KA) in Sukorejo Village, Kota District, Friday (10/26).

“The extinction was carried out by deploying three fire trucks with 20 personnel,” said the Head of the Fire Fighting Department (Damkar) Bojonegoro Sukirno.

The semi-permanent house owned by Fatkhur Effendi (75) in the densely populated neighborhood, according to information received began to burn at 07.00 WIB.

“Kota Damkar Post who received the fire report immediately drove to the location by deploying three units of fire trucks supported by one water supply car,” he explained, adding that the fire could be submerged at 08.50 WIB.

According to the description of the owner of the house in question, burning trash behind the house and spreading to the walls of the house.

“Estimated losses of Rp 35 million,” he said.

The burning house included the back measuring 9.5 x 15 meters, including property in the house that was burned including books, clothing, electronic equipment, and household furniture.

“For the front house and middle house can be saved while the rear house burned 90 percent,” he added. (*)

Announcer: Agus S
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