Petugas Damkar Bojonegoro Evakuasi Sarang Tawon “Ndas”

BojonegoroDetakposBojonegoro Fire Service Officers, East Java, evacuated a “ndas” wasp (vespa aviniss) nest on the roof of Aziz Affandi’s house in Kedaton Village, Kapas District, Sunday (24/11).

“The position of the wasp nest sticks to the roof of the house and is at an altitude that is at risk of a wasp attack on the people around,” said Head of the Extinguishing Division of the Damkar Service Bojonegoro Sukirno, Monday (11/25).

According to him, damkar officers who received reports from homeowners carried out the wasp evacuation by burning.

“The evacuation process is carried out at night because this wasp is very dangerous,” he said, adding that the evacuation process was completed at 23.15 WIB.

He added that in its development, the duty of the damkar officer was not only to extinguish fires, but also to carry out the process of rescuing disturbances occurring in the community such as securing the presence of dangerous animals such as wasps and snakes.

“We have a number of fire fighters who have received education to tame snakes,” he said. (*)

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