Bappenas Selectively Chooses Priority Location in DAK Fisik Penugasan of National Development Planning said that the Specific Transfer Fund (DTK) policy in 2022 consists of DAK Fisik Reguler, DAK Fisik Penugasan, and DAK Non-Fisik.

This was conveyed by the Minister in the socialization of 2022 Specific Transfer Fund policy which held virtually, Wednesday,May, 19th 2021, with the theme Urgency to Optimize Specific Allocation Funds as a Stimulus to Accelerate Development in Regions.

“DAK Fisik Reguler, which consists of the fields of education, health and basic infrastructure, is directed towards equitable fulfillment of basic services nationally,” said the Minister.

The Minister explained, DAK Fisik Penugasan applies the THIS approach in three thematic based on national priorities and 2022 RKP major projects, are strengthening priority tourism destinations and small and medium industrial centers, developing 5 food estates and food production centers, and increasing regional connectivity for inclusive development in the region. Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and Papua.

Furthermore, DAK Non-Fisik is directed at supporting the fulfillment of public services, as well as supporting national priorities and other services mandated by regulations. The government also continues to encourage the integration of DAK Non-Fisik with DAK Fisik, so that DAK interventions can be carried out holistically.

In addition to discussing DTK in 2022, the Minister also explained the improvements made in the 2022 DTK planning aimed at optimizing the role of DTK in regional and national development.

The first improvement is the application of the THIS concept, which is reflected in the thematic design of DAK Penugasan based on major projects. The application of the THIS concept is intended to increase the impact of DAK Fisik Penugasan in supporting certain thematic holistically and integrated with a spatial basis. All DAK Fisik Penugasan that are in a specific thematic are aimed at achieving thematic outcomes that have been determined in the same area.

Second, selecting priority locations for DAK Fisik Penugasan more selectively. Priority locations are focused on areas that support the thematic DAK Fisik Penugasan.

Third, the sharpening of DTK activities so that they are results-oriented which have a direct impact on regional development and achieve national targets. This improvement was marked by the redesign of the activity menu in DAK Fisik by avoiding routine menus and of insignificant value.

Closing his remarks, the Minister also appealed to all stakeholders to follow the 2022 DTK planning and budgeting process as well as possible.

“Good DTK planning will encourage the achievement of the national priority targets that have been set,” concluded the Minister.(HMS).

Editor: A Adib

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